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Imagine being able to exercise anywhere, and not just some leisurely physical activity, but real heart pounding exercise. You might be thinking, "you can only achieve that in a gym with heavy weights or expensive machines".  Not any more, by exerting effort against an immovable object, the TSC-90 Workout allows your muscles to experience the same fatigue, exhaustion and results as if you went to the gym.

The workout principles are based on isometric exercise, where the muscles act on a fixed object, the muscle does not change length and the affected joint does not move.  Using the picture above as an example, the position she is holding would be maintained throughout the TSC-90 push-up exercise. As opposed to moving up and down throughout a range of motion like a traditional push-up exercise. Watching someone perform a TSC-90 exercise, is more like looking at a picture, with little to no movement occurring. 

So why would you want to just hold the position statically, when you could be moving? Basically, for two reasons, 1) the exercise becomes safer, and 2) the exercise becomes more effective. Enhanced safety is very clear and easy to understand with Newtons Second Law of Motion: Mass x Acceleration = Force. The amount of weight (mass), multiplied by how fast you move that mass (acceleration), equals the amount of  force applied to the body. Since force is one of the most common reasons for exercise injury, by eliminating movement speed, we greatly reduce the risk of injury. 

The reason exercise becomes more effective is a little more complex, but essentially, it comes down to gravity. Most strength training exercises require gravity, whether that be: your body weight, free weights or selectorized weight machines. The TSC-90 Workout program has implemented aspects of traditional strength training, but in one fixed position, where you slowly warm up the muscle before performing an all-out effort.  Click below to become a TSC-90 member for FREE and get all the details on how to get strong anywhere.

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