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'Tis The Season

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Winter is the season for regeneration and self-reflection. Going inward and slowing down is not only a good thing this time of year, it's also very healthy. As the weather shifts and the temperature drops, it's the perfect time to go into hibernation and get cozy. However, it's also the time for festive, seasonal holidays and believe it or not, not everyone gets that excited feeling as they approach.

For many, it is not the most wonderful time of the year. Especially this year with the pandemic complicating things. Now more than ever, heading into the holiday season can bring up all kinds of feelings such as, stress, worry, depression, and so on. And, because of this, there's all the more reason to take care of ourselves and be in the moment the best we can.

How to take care of yourself during the holidays
Cozy is a good thing!

Relax and enjoy

If your holiday plans look different this year due to the pandemic, take advantage of it! You'll probably be having a much smaller gathering because of all the relatives that aren't able to travel your way this year. Maybe, for the first time in twenty years it will be just you, your partner and your kids. Even better!!! Soak up that precious time with them. Just imagine what an opportunity this could be without all of the hustle and bustle of hosting a houseful of guests.

  • Stay in your Pajamas - In fact tell your family that's the dress code this year

  • Dig out that delicious family recipe you've been avoiding because it requires extra attention - now you actually have the time, and get your kids involved

  • Or, don't worry about cooking and order takeout

  • Play a board game in front of the fireplace - we love Scrabble

  • Share favorite memories from past holidays - there's bound to be nostalgia and laughter involved

  • Formal table settings not necessary - cover the dinner table in butcher paper and get out the crayons or markers for some one-of-a-kind artwork instead

Open that special bottle you've been saving and savor every sip. Embrace your simplified guest list and the no pressure vibe. Not only will you enjoy the day more, but your guests will enjoy a more relaxed version of you as well.

getting through the holidays
Have fun with your family

Mix it up

A smaller guest list opens up new possibilities for different activities. When you don't need to worry about Uncle Bill's bad knee, Grandma Joan and her asthma, or Cousin Adam that always makes your kids cry, suddenly you have new options.

  • Get outside - take a hike or a long walk around the neighborhood

  • Play ping pong, foosball, or air hockey

  • Have a push-up contest

  • Challenge your group to a dance off, or karaoke competition

  • If you're musical, create a Mad-lib Christmas carol

There are many advantages to a small gathering. When you don't have to worry about the needs and issues of twenty guests, you actually get to enjoy your holiday too. Imagine that! In fact, you may never go back to a big, stressful, bursting at the seams houseful of guests kind of holiday.

Finding balance

Amongst the cozy, chill-out time and simplifying the holiday gatherings it's also important to take care of our bodies on a different level. Because this time of year brings many opportunities for celebration, which is wonderful, we might find that we are consuming richer foods, more sugar, and not exercising as much. And that's okay!

Figuring out a balance is important for us to feel balanced. When we enter this time of year and suddenly the season changes along with our diets and routines, we can feel a little out of whack. Maybe out of sorts and not ourselves. Finding time to get a workout in and eat nourishing, healthy comfort foods is important. And, you don't even need to leave the house if you don't want to.

benefits of timed static contractions
TSC-90 Squat Exercise

When the weather outside is frightful, whip up a big pot of delicious soup or stew, full of lots of veggies and protein. While it's simmering on the stove you can get your TSC-90 Workout in. It's a win win! This way you can feed your body with nutrition and exercise at the same time.

The TSC-90 everyone anywhere workout is so convenient, so safe and effective, and it only requires twenty minutes of your time to get a full-body workout. Getting your body moving and your blood pumping will prevent weight gain and cranky joints. It will also boost your mood and energy level.

You'll be better for it

Sometimes there's no denying the things that are out of our control, such as a pandemic. If we can just let go and embrace that things are different, then and only then are we able to make the best of it. As much as we may not like how some things have changed during this time, there's always an opportunity in there somewhere.

Maybe this holiday season will actually turn out to be the most wonderful time of the year after all. How can reducing stress, simplifying our lives, and some good, old-fashioned reflection not be a good thing? So, get cozy, make some soul warming foods, enjoy your closest people, and get an at-home workout in every now and then. Happy holidays to you and yours!

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