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Lose Weight, Feel Great!

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

We know when we feel good in our bodies and there's no denying when that waistband starts digging deeper into our midsection. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you to live off of celery and water, but if you want to lose weight, there does need to be effort put forth in order to make that happen. So, take a deep breath, open your mind, and hear me out. The integral part of losing weight is also the one thing most of us don't want to change, our diet. In fact, most of us would rather workout every single day instead of focusing on the obvious element that's causing us to gain weight, food. And, starvation and deprivation are not the answer.

timed static contractions
You deserve to feel good in your body!

The truth is, 80% of weight loss is diet and 20% is exercise. It is also true that you can sit on the couch, binge watching your favorite show and lose weight if you focus on your new and improved eating habits. Now, I don't recommend that's all you do because a strong body is also very important for increasing your metabolism, which will burn more calories. We will also discuss an at-home workout you can incorporate in order to cover the remaining 20% of your weight loss success. My point is, if you want to lose weight, the main thing to focus on is your eating habits.

Diet vs. lifestyle

Let's keep it simple in order to succeed, shall we? First of all, if you have found an approach for losing weight that has worked for you in the past, that's great news! You already know what to do! If it worked for you once, it will work again. Now, if you don't know what to do, read on.

Not all diets are created equally and there is not one magical diet that works for everyone. The word, diet, has been attached to passing fads, therefore giving it a temporary identity in people's lives instead of a lifestyle. Trending diets can also be somewhat extreme for some people, making it complicated and unrealistic. This can set you up for failure right off the bat.

The first and most important step is to become aware of what isn't working with your plan to lose weight. As a seasoned personal trainer of twenty plus years, the one thing I've heard more than anything else is, "I eat super healthy, I don't know why I'm not losing weight." The issue with this is, even if you are eating healthy foods, if you're eating more than you need to be, you will still gain weight. In all fairness, and because I can't cover every single detail in this blog, there are other factors that can increase the difficulty to lose weight such as: age, hormonal imbalances, stress, food allergies, etc. We however, are going to focus on eating habits being the culprit.

strength training and weight loss
Get to the root of your eating habits

In order to become aware we must take an honest look at what we're doing and not doing. The best way to achieve awareness when it comes to eating habits is to journal your food intake for 3 days. This should include the time of day you're eating, the food you're eating, and the approximate portion size. Remember, this is about being honest with yourself, so if you suddenly change everything to assure it looks perfect on paper, you're defeating the purpose. Remember, 80% of successfully losing weight is based on eating habits, so let's get to the bottom of it.

For 3 days, list these 3 things in your food journal:

1. Time of day you are eating

2. What you are eating

3. Approximate portion size of what you are eating

Well, what did you discover? Did the 3 days look consistent? Any noticeable patterns? Or did each day look completely different?

Here are things to look for regarding time of day for eating schedule:

  • Do you tend to starve yourself the first half of the day and then get all of your calories in at the end of the day? As in, you're eating two dinners? If so, it's time to change that pattern.

  • The word breakfast literally means "breaking your fast", and the more nutrition, the better when it comes to starting your day off right.

  • And your last meal of the day should not be right before bed. In fact, the further from bedtime the better. Ideally you should stop eating two hours before going to sleep.

  • Remain consistent with the time of day you are eating your meals.

What to focus on regarding meals and portion size:

  • Ideally, breakfast should be a moderate to small portion size and nutrient dense. It should contain healthy fat and healthy protein - avocado, egg, nuts/nut butter, turkey sausage, or Greek yogurt. And the carb portion should consist of fresh fruit, veggies and/or whole grains.

  • Lunch can be your substantial meal of the day, but should focus on nutrient dense calories, not empty calories. Steer clear of breads, pastas, and potatoes (sweet potatoes and purple potatoes are okay). Instead focus on lean meat such as, chicken, turkey, pork, fish, or veggie protein. Pair one of these proteins with greens and colorful veggies. Feel free to add olive oil and whole grains such as quinoa. If you choose to go the burger route, go bun-less or choose a lettuce wrap.

  • Dinner can be the same types of food you're eating for lunch, but should definitely be a smaller portion size than the lunch serving.

  • Water should be your main beverage and you should be drinking plenty of it.

One more thing before we talk about exercise. A realistic amount of weight to lose each week is one to two pounds. Following the above recommendations will make you feel more energized and will also help you drop the pounds you're wanting to shed. If you aren't at least losing one pound a week following this plan, it means your portion sizes are too big.

timed static contractions
TSC-90 Push-up

The remaining 20%

Now let's talk about what you need to take it up to 100% of your effort. Building muscle is what's necessary to turn your body into an efficient calorie burning factory. And this isn't about bulking up and looking like a body-builder, it's simply about the important role muscle plays in weight loss.

Because muscle requires more energy to simply exist on your body, it will burn more calories to sustain. Fat however, does not. 80% of your focus going to the above eating habits is what will help you lose fat, and your remaining 20% focus on building muscle will take your weight loss to the next level.

In order to build muscle, it is necessary to achieve true exercise. This means that the demand put upon the body must place an adequate level of intensity, which then forces the muscles to grow bigger and stronger.

The TSC-90 Workout provides that adequate level of intensity. It's safe, it's effective, and it's portable. It's the everyone anywhere workout! It requires two, twenty-minute workouts a week, and six exercises performed each session to see results. Basically what I'm trying to say is, it's the "absolutely no excuses workout".

TSC-90 is timed static contractions performed for 90 seconds. Each exercise unfolds like this:

  • The first 30 seconds is the warm-up phase, where you will use 50% of your effort

  • The next 30 seconds you will increase to 75 % of your full effort

  • At the one minute mark, you will increase to 90% of your full capacity

  • The final 10 seconds is 100%, full out effort, using whatever energy you have left

Click here to learn more about the TSC-90 workout, or to access the TSC-90 exercise videos and protocols, click here.

The portability of this workout is amazing! There is no need for bulky expensive equipment and it only requires two, twenty minute workouts each week to see results. The TSC-90 videos and protocols will coach you through each exercise and the only equipment you will need is: a phone timer, two foam yoga blocks, an 8-foot yoga belt (the locking, no-slip style), a bath towel, a table, and a chair. The TSC-90 Workout is safe, effective, and portable. You can do it anywhere!


Now that you have the tools you need to lose weight and feel great, it's time to get started! Focus and consistency is important, especially for the first 30 days. During this time you are replacing old habits and resetting your body's schedule. You are putting equity into your body and because of that your body will feel the benefits. If you commit to the above recommended eating habits and perform the TSC-90 Workout twice a week consistently for one month, you will see and feel a difference. And remember, if you aren't losing one to two pounds a week, or if you plateau with your rate of weight loss, it means you need to reduce your portion sizes. You've got this!

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