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Get Fit Without Depending On A Gym

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

People have been getting fit and staying in tip-top shape long before Cross-fit, Megaformer machines, and Barre classes. For those of you struggling with missing your gym workouts or needing guidance to keep you on track, the struggle is real. You’re not alone, not by a long shot. As a personal trainer of twenty plus years, and the owner of a personal training studio, I’m going to share with you why you don’t need a complicated gym workout to achieve exercise. It's time to get back to the basics.

timed static contraction exercise
TSC-90 Push-up

Stop wasting your money

As far as high-end, at-home exercise equipment goes, I think we've all been there. We convince ourselves, or our partners that we are really going to use it this time. We rearrange furniture to make room for it right in front of the window. Having something pretty to look at will certainly motivate us.

We start off strong, proving we are committed. Then eventually we start to lose interest, as a thin layer of dust comfortably settles in. Before long it becomes the perfect place for bulky coats, jackets, and bathrobes. There's no denying that most home gym equipment makes for a great clothing rack, but ultimately an expensive mistake in the end.

A gym membership can also be an expensive mistake. Did you know that each year Americans spend $1.8 billion on unused gym memberships? That's right! Over half of the American population pays for a gym membership even if they never use it. Although the intention is there, it's the act of exercising at the gym that gets you in shape, not simply paying your monthly dues.

at-home workout
TSC-90 Pec Fly

Keep it simple

Over the years, I have often found that too many details regarding health and fitness tends to overwhelm people, making them less likely to attempt it, let alone stick with it. Imagine if you had to come up with an elaborate routine each time you brushed your teeth. Chances are you might let your oral health start to slide.

Keep in mind, just because something is complicated doesn’t make it superior. An effective workout doesn't need to be complicated, expensive or require bulky equipment to reap the benefits you're looking for. It also doesn’t need to be constantly changing in order to be effective. If you keep your exercise routine simple, you are more likely to stick with it.

My clients are thrilled to discover how a consistent yet simple routine not only yields desired results, but also allows them to commit to it year after year. I am going to help you get a solid, achievable, at-home workout routine in place. It’s safe, effective, and portable.

benefits of timed static contractions
TSC-90 Squat

The everyone anywhere workout

The at-home workout I recommend is based on the timed static contraction method. The concept of timed static contractions or TSC, has been around since the 1950s. The simple definition of TSC is: exercise that is performed by pushing or pulling against an immobile or static object. The no-rest repetition causes the muscle to think it's moving through a dynamic range of motion, even though the muscle and joint angle remain static.

The TSC-90 workout consists of timed static contraction exercises performed for 90 seconds each. You work through the following four phases:

  • Phase One - The first 30 seconds of each exercise will require 50% of your total effort and acts as the warm-up phase.

  • Phase Two - For the next 30 seconds you will increase to 75% of your effort.

  • Phase Three - At the one-minute mark, you will increase to 90% of your full capacity for 20 seconds.

  • Phase Four - For the final 10 seconds you will use 100% of your effort, giving it your all.

I recommend this workout twice a week and each session should consist of at least five to six exercises, including two to three for the lower body, two to three for the upper body, and the ab exercise. The TSC-90 videos and protocols will coach you through each exercise and the only equipment you will need is: a phone timer, two foam yoga blocks, an 8-foot yoga belt, a bath towel, a table, and a chair. The TSC-90 Workout is safe, effective, and portable. You can do it anywhere!

Keep it simple

There's a very good reason that sixty years later, people are still using timed static contractions to get in shape. The reason is, it's effective, and it works! Don't knock it until you've tried it. Challenge yourself and commit to twice-a-week workouts for eight weeks. Remain consistent and you'll be amazed by the results. The TSC-90 workout videos and protocols will show you how it's done. Simplify your life by getting back to the basics.

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